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White supremacist groups aiming to enlist U.S. military personnel for attacks on minorities

By Lee Cleveland - June 7, 2023

Experts have informed Military.com that hate-filled groups such as Atomwaffen – also known as National Socialist Order – are looking to tap into the military by recruiting members to carry out terrorist attacks on minority communities.

In March this year, the U.S. Intelligence declared in their 2023 threat assessment that racially or ethnically motivated violent extremism is currently the most dangerous threat to American citizens. The report shed light on groups that assume recruiting military personnel will help them form cells to target minorities or organizations that don’t share their perspective.

“New extremist organizations such as Atomwaffen, the Boogaloo movement, and the Base, a neo-Nazi group, have picked up where the anti-government militias of the ’80s and ’90s left off,” the report said.

“They seek a violent overthrow of the government or a civil war so they can recreate society, usually into a white supremacist or fascist state.

Following the 2017 Unite the Right extremist event in Charlottesville, Virginia, some people have formed so-called accelerationist groups aimed at hastening the supposed civil war, with several of these movements emerging.

The event was the largest gathering of white supremacists in recent memory, and many of the torch-bearing participants were young men.

The tragedy that occurred in Charlottesville resulted in the death of a young protester and caused a disruption within the white supremacist movement. But Rick Eaton, head of the digital terror and hostility research sector at Simon Wiesenthal Center, concluded that it caused extremists to concentrate on “riskier and more threatening strategies”.

And as reported by Military.com, their new manifesto is a statement of lies and problematic beliefs spread via the social media messaging service Telegram. It also contains extremist resources containing “tactics, techniques, and procedures” on how to bring about societal collapse, as well as attacks on infrastructure.

“It’s definitely more disturbing than it’s ever been, and the willingness to commit violence combined with the general levels of, you know, violent shootings and things in this country are not helping,” said Eaton, who has studied extremism at the Wiesenthal center for 37 years.

White supremacist ideology is based on the belief that white people are superior to other races and that they should dominate and control society. This belief system, as stated above, can lead to acts of violence and terrorism against minority groups, as well as a range of other harmful and discriminatory behaviors.

In recent times, there has been a noticeable growth in violent acts associated with white supremacist groups. There have been a number of prominent attacks carried out by individuals who had strong affiliations to white nationalist ideologies.

That stated, white supremacy can come in different forms ranging from policies that make it difficult for certain groups to get hired, distasteful language, and hate-related property crime. These behaviors can have serious consequences for the individuals and communities affected, leading to feelings of fear, anxiety, and insecurity.

It is important to recognize the threat posed by white supremacist ideology and to work towards combating it through education, awareness-raising, and advocacy for policies and practices that promote equality and inclusion. Everyone has a role to play in creating a more just and equitable society, free from the dangers posed by white supremacist beliefs and actions.


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