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Way out of his league: Trump tried to date Princess Diana?

By Lee Cleveland - May 16, 2023

The late Princess Diana of Wales was a figure who captivated the world with her grace and charisma. Her impact on history and the fascination surrounding her life continue to be subjects of interest. In a new biography titled The King: The Life of Charles III by Christopher Andersen, additional details have emerged about the nature of Princess Diana’s relationship with former U.S. President Donald Trump.

According to an advance copy of the book obtained by Newsweek, Christopher Andersen claims that Donald Trump developed a keen interest in Princess Diana following her divorce from Prince Charles. The biographer states that Trump aggressively pursued Diana, although his advances were rebuffed. On a radio program with Howard Stern in 1997, Trump made remarks insinuating that he could have had a romantic relationship with the princess if he had wanted to, but only on the condition that she passed an HIV test.

During the radio interview, Stern asked Trump about his claims of being able to be with Princess Diana, to which Trump responded confidently, “I think I could have.” (Delusional)

He also mentioned that Diana had sent him a “really nice” letter for a favor he had done for her, although he did not provide specific details about the favor. (Whatever dude)

In a separate interview with Howard Stern in 2000, the topic of Donald Trump and Princess Diana arose again. Stern asked Trump if he would have slept with Diana, to which Trump replied without hesitation, “Without even hesitation.”

What a classy gentleman!?!?

According to The Independent, Princess Diana confided in BBC presenter Selina Scott in 2015, revealing that Trump had bombarded her with extravagant bouquets of flowers at Kensington Palace, each worth hundreds of pounds. Selina Scott believed that Trump saw Diana as the ultimate trophy wife and advised Diana to discard the flowers.

It is important to note that despite Donald Trump’s expressed interest in Princess Diana, they never dated. And the former president later denied the reports and dismissed Selina Scott’s claims as “totally false” during an interview with Piers Morgan in 2016. He clarified that he had only met Diana once in New York while shaking hands with a group of people.

The biography, The King: The Life of Charles III by Christopher Andersen, which is set to be released on November 8, 2022, delves further into the marriage of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, shedding light on their relationship and the events that unfolded during that time.