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Should saying ‘Heil Hitler’ be illegal in the U.S.?

By Lee Cleveland - December 23, 2022

In Germany, Nazi salutes and phrases such as ‘Heil Hitler’ and ‘Sieg Heil,’ whether written or verbal, are illegal. Moreover, mimicking the physical salute by straight-extending one’s right arm is not tolerated there regardless of what is or isn’t said when saluting.

Such offenses in Germany are punishable by up to three years in prison.

In general, European countries, like Germany and Austria, are less tolerant of Nazi hate there because they experienced the misery Hitler created firsthand.

Americans talk about it, but Europe actually lived it.

So, should saying ‘Heil Hitler’ be illegal in the U.S.?

It’s perfectly legal to say ‘Heil Hitler’ and perform the Nazi salute in the United States. In fact, there’s even a Nazi political party here.

Our Constitution allows for a lot of freedom and people can say just about anything and not break the law. You can wear swastikas and praise Hitler and not have to worry about being dragged off to jail. However, that DOES NOT mean there aren’t other consequences for your actions.

In fact, there are ALWAYS consequences for what we say and do.

Freedom of Speech protects you from breaking state or federal law when glorifying Nazism and other forms of hate; But, the Constitution doesn’t protect you from getting fired, booted off of a social media platform, or thrown out of a restaurant.


When you are in someone else’s home, you must play by their rules.

Make sense?

If the owner chooses to smoke, an act that is illegal in most public establishments, they are perfectly free to do so. In addition, the owner can legally kick you out when they see fit.

The same holds true when you’re dining at a restaurant or lodging at a hotel.

And your behavior is even more significant at work. Anyone who is paid a salary must uphold certain standards set forth by the employer. If the employer thinks you’re creating a hostile work environment or deems your comments or actions a threat to the business, they can – and often will – fire you.

And it’s perfectly legal, as it should be. (Obviously, getting reprimanded for your race, sex, sexual affiliation or religion is, in most cases, illegal)

“Freedom of Speech” simply means you won’t be imprisoned for your comments.

And that’s all it means.

It doesn’t mean you won’t be held responsible for what you say.

So Americans, while being a Nazi and saluting Hitler won’t land you in jail, you’ll likely be ostracised from most segments of society.

… As you should be.