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Riggers rhymes with… Coincidence or a dog whistle to Trump’s base

By Lee Cleveland - August 18, 2023

Former Donald Trump aide Alyssa Farah Griffin strongly criticized her former boss for increasingly using racially charged language to criticize the latest indictment against him.

This followed Trump’s recent statement on his Truth Social platform, where he claimed he was working on an “irrefutable” report to demonstrate that the Georgia election was stolen from him by “riggers.”

Some observers pointed out that the term “riggers” closely resembled a racial slur and that he used it after a Black prosecutor in Georgia issued racketeering indictments against him and his associates.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper asked Griffin for her perspective on the accusation that the use of “rigger” was not accidental and whether Trump’s past history of alleged racist language played a role.

Griffin responded by stating that there was no need to search for subtle signs in Trump’s language; rather, his message was clear and direct. She likened it to a “bullhorn” rather than a “dog whistle,” suggesting that Trump was being straightforward in his communication.

She further elaborated that Trump had launched derogatory attacks against Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis, refraining from repeating the offensive content. Griffin believed that Trump was not attempting to conceal his intentions; instead, he was actively emphasizing certain elements.

Given the location of the indictment proceedings just outside Atlanta, where a significant number of Black individuals were involved, she argued that Trump was intentionally introducing racial aspects into the situation. She characterized Trump’s behavior as abhorrent and consistent with his typical actions, though not unexpected.

In essence, Griffin’s analysis implies that Trump’s use of racially charged language was purposeful, aiming to evoke racial undertones in response to the indictment he was confronting.

If Trump is so brave and bold, why won’t he say what he wants to say?

What’s he scared of?

Check out the video below.


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