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Repulsive: Trump’s poll numbers continue to surge despite Indictment

By Lee Cleveland - June 26, 2023

In recent political developments, Donald Trump’s poll numbers have defied expectations, showing a remarkable surge even after his indictment. Despite facing legal challenges, the former president has managed to rally Republican voters, who are circling their wagons to protect him.

Trump’s Resilience in the Face of Indictment

Despite the indictment, recent surveys indicate a significant increase in Donald Trump’s popularity. According to NBC News, Trump has experienced a remarkable five percent surge in his poll numbers since the indictment was announced. This unexpected rise is a testament to Trump’s enduring influence within the Republican Party and his ability to connect with his base.

Republican Voters Stand Firm

Republican primary voters, in particular, have shown unwavering loyalty to Donald Trump. A recent survey revealed that a majority of GOP voters would consider another leader besides Trump; however, the same poll also indicated that Trump still holds a commanding lead.

Approximately six out of ten Republicans believe that the indictments and investigations faced by Trump are politically motivated.

Democratic pollster Jeff Horwitt of Hart Research Associates commented on this trend, stating that not only are Republican voters sticking with Trump post-indictment, but there are also signs that his support is growing while other candidates, such as Ron DeSantis, are losing ground.

Trump’s Impact on Ron DeSantis

Trump’s influence extends beyond his own popularity. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who has been positioning himself as a potential rival to Trump, has seen a decline in his numbers. As Trump intensifies his criticism from the right, DeSantis is also facing scrutiny from Governor Gavin Newsom on the left. This double pressure has contributed to DeSantis’ decreasing support among Republican voters.

Between the months of April and June, DeSantis experienced a nine percent drop in support among Republicans, while Trump’s numbers surged from 46 percent to an impressive 51 percent.

These figures underscore the uphill battle that DeSantis and other GOP contenders face when competing against Trump’s enduring appeal.

Independent Voters Express Concerns

While Trump’s popularity remains strong among Republicans, independent voters exhibit reservations. A significant 55 percent of independent voters express concerns about Trump, making it clear that his appeal is not universal. This sentiment among independent voters may present challenges for Trump and the GOP in attracting a broader base of support.

Implications for the GOP Nomination

Trump’s surge in poll numbers poses significant implications for the upcoming GOP nomination. Despite the potential opening for a rival candidate to capture the nomination, Trump’s growing support suggests that he remains the frontrunner. His ability to weather the storm of indictments and maintain a strong base highlights the formidable challenge any contender would face in attempting to surpass his popularity.

But, it’s still early

While Trump currently enjoys a commanding lead in the polls, some pollsters argue that it is premature to coronate him as the inevitable candidate. Given all of Trump’s theatrics and wrongdoing, the dynamics of the race may still shift, presenting opportunities for other candidates to challenge Trump’s dominance.


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