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“Our beloved Tucker Carlson:” Russian TV propagandists not happy over dismissal (Video)

By Lee Cleveland - April 26, 2023

You can’t make this up….

Kremlin pundits were upset after hearing that Tucker Carlson had been let go from Fox News – and speculated on air that he would end up in prison as a result.

During the months leading up to his dismissal from Fox News, Carlson was often spoken of favorably by Russian State TV personalities. And since the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, Carlson has been incredibly critical of the U.S. and Ukraine, all while praising the Russian propagandists.

It’s been no secret whose side Tucker is on as he frequently complains about the U.S. providing assistance to an American-friendly, democratically-elected government that’s endured an unprovoked, hostile attack by a fascist foreign nation.

Julia Davis, a Daily Beast columnist, and curator for the Russian Media Monitor, was the first to report the somber reaction of Russian state TV personalities.

“Our beloved Tucker Carlson has been fired, it’s a disgrace!” Dmitry Drobnitsky exclaimed. This was met with Vladimir Solovyov’s input: “It’s a total outrage!”

Solovyov voiced his suspicions that certain powers in the US were executing a deliberate move against Carlson by firing him on the day before Biden revealed his candidacy for another term. Drobnitsky pointed out that Carlson’s dismissal follows Fox News’ large settlement with Dominion Voting Systems and the ongoing defamation case against them from Smartmatic, along with Carlson’s attempted covering up of the events of January 6th.

“The main issue is that he started to discuss, in harsh terms, all of the goals that the liberal establishment is pursuing abroad,” Drobnitsky said, according to a translation. Solovyov followed by proclaiming “Freedom to Tucker Carlson,” and he also invited the former Fox host to come to work with him.

“Tucker, come work with us!” He said. “Solovyov Live is waiting for you.”

Solovyov made his job offer following Russia Today’s decision to also make a job offer to Carlson, which was supported by the Kremlin.


How could any American “patriot” support Tucker Carlson?


The conversation between Solovyov and Drobnitsky still persisted, speculating that Carlson could be put in jail on phony charges any time soon.

According to Drobnitsky, the incarceration of Carlson would serve as a launchpad for a new wave of criticism in the US, one that would be stronger than even McCarthyism.

Carlson’s allegiance to Russian propagandists should be an OUTRAGE to all patriotic, hardworking, law-abiding Americans.

The video below is via Russian Media Monitor from Russian state TV.