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Nasty: North Carolina GOP censures Republican U.S senator for supporting LGBTQ+ rights, immigration policies

By Lee Cleveland - June 11, 2023

The North Carolina Republican Party recently made headlines when delegates at their annual convention voted to censure Senator Thom Tillis, the state’s senior U.S. senator.

The censure came as a result of concerns among some state Republicans that Senator Tillis has strayed from conservative values by supporting LGBTQ+ rights, immigration policies, and gun violence prevention measures.

Senator Tillis, who has gained influence in Congress for his willingness to work across party lines, has faced criticism for his involvement in passing the Respect For Marriage Act. This act ensured federal protections for same-sex and interracial marriages, a move that some delegates view as a violation of the state and national GOP platforms, which oppose same-sex marriage.

Another point of contention has been Senator Tillis’ stance on immigration policies. He challenged former President Donald Trump’s approach to immigration and has shown support for measures such as red flag laws. These laws allow state courts to authorize the temporary removal of firearms from individuals who may pose a danger to themselves or others. Some delegates believe that Senator Tillis’ positions on these issues are contrary to conservative principles.

There’s no disagreeing with the Führer, huh?

Supporters of the censure hope that it sends a clear message of dissatisfaction, even though it does not remove Senator Tillis from office. The vote required a two-thirds majority of the state party’s 1,801 voting delegates to pass. However, there are concerns that such divisions within the party, especially in an election year, could weaken party unity and hinder success at the polls.

While critics of the censure argue that Senator Tillis has been an effective representative for North Carolina and its coastal communities, those in favor believe that the party needs unwavering support for conservative hateful ideals.

The decision to censure Tillis has sparked debate among state legislators, with some questioning the wisdom of attacking their own party members.

State Senator Jim Burgin cautioned against creating a dangerous precedent by censuring fellow Republicans based on individual interpretations of party values. He highlighted the potential risk of being censured for voting in favor of North Carolina’s 12-week abortion ban, which deviates from the Republican platform’s stance that life begins at conception.

Contrary to expectations, this censure may ultimately prove more beneficial than detrimental to Tillis’ career. In an era where extreme ideologies dominate the political landscape, the censure vote serves as a reminder of Tillis’ moderate stance and willingness to work across the aisle.

Tillis isn’t just another batsh*t crazy Republican and may earn new support from independents and conservative Democrats going forward.

In the midst of these debates, it is essential to remember the importance of maintaining party unity while respecting the diverse perspectives within the Republican Party. It is natural for disagreements to arise, but attacking fellow party members may not be the most productive way to address these differences.

Moving forward, it is crucial for North Carolina Republicans to find common ground and focus on the issues that unite them. The upcoming election year calls for a united front to ensure success at the polls and advance conservative principles. By promoting open dialogue, fostering understanding, and embracing diverse viewpoints, the party can navigate these challenges and work towards a shared vision for the state and the country.


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