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How a woman showed her husband what ‘doing nothing’ truly means

By Lee Cleveland - June 23, 2023

Lindsay Donnelly, a social media influencer, chose a lighthearted approach to address her husband’s remark that she “did nothing around the house.”

Donnelly shared her husband’s comment in a video clip on TikTok, and in a surprising move, she decided to take his statement literally. For two days, she refrained from doing any household chores before embarking on a girls’ trip.

The outcome was astounding. Donnelly’s video quickly went viral, accumulating a staggering 14.5 million views. The viewer reactions fell into two categories: those expressing solidarity with comments like “Yes, queen!” and those suggesting more drastic actions such as “Get a divorce.” Despite the varying responses, women from all walks of life could relate to Donnelly’s experience in one way or another.

Later, Donnelly uploaded a follow-up video featuring her husband, providing him with an opportunity to “redeem” himself through an apology. The video had a playful tone, with Donnelly’s laughter throughout. She even referred to her husband’s comment as a “poo poo butt move” to keep it light-hearted, considering there was a child present during the recording. In the end, she affirmed that he remained a good husband.

Delving into the Realities: The Impact of Donnelly’s Story

While Donnelly’s interaction with her husband may seem like a slice of marital humor, for many women, it reflects a stark reality.

Countless individuals are weary of the lack of equal distribution when it comes to household labor. Even seemingly trivial instances, like Donnelly’s story, can trigger deep-seated frustrations among women.


Then I left town for a girls trip… #marriagehumor

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To address the concerns raised by viewers, Donnelly posted another follow-up video listing the various household tasks her husband did perform. These included cooking vegetarian meals to her liking, engaging in more regular cleaning, handling bill payments, and more. However, many interpreted these actions as the “bare minimum” and viewed Donnelly’s response as mere “damage control.”

It’s important to note that social media platforms only offer glimpses into people’s lives, making it impossible to fully gauge the dynamics of Don

The Value of Recognizing and Respecting Invisible Labor

While the true dynamics of Donnelly’s relationship remain unknown, it is clear that the story resonated with a broad audience. It shed light on a widespread issue: the undervaluation of domestic chores and the urgent need for recognition and respect.


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Invisible labor encompasses an array of tasks that often go unnoticed and unappreciated. From maintaining a clean and organized home to nurturing children and managing family schedules, these responsibilities require time, effort, and skill.

However, because they are not monetarily compensated, their significance is often downplayed or completely disregarded.

The repercussions of undermining invisible labor are far-reaching. They perpetuate gender disparities, reinforce societal expectations, and hinder progress toward achieving true equality. Women’s contributions to the household are essential for the smooth functioning of families, yet they are often taken for granted. It is time to change this narrative.

Shifting Perspectives and Empowering Change

Donnelly’s viral story served as a catalyst for conversations surrounding invisible labor and the importance of acknowledging it. It sparked a larger discourse about the need for equitable distribution of domestic responsibilities and the value of recognizing the contributions made by partners, especially women.

To initiate positive change, it is crucial to challenge societal norms and expectations. Breaking free from traditional gender roles and sharing household duties can foster healthier relationships and create a more balanced environment for all family members. Recognizing the value of invisible labor involves appreciating the effort, time, and skill required to maintain a functional home.

Moreover, institutions, policies, and workplaces should prioritize supporting individuals who balance both professional careers and domestic responsibilities. Flexible work arrangements, affordable childcare options, and equal opportunities for career advancement can alleviate the burden on women and create a more inclusive society.

Cultivating Respect and Equality

The solution to the issue of invisible labor lies in cultivating respect and fostering equality. It starts with acknowledging the significance of the work performed within the household, regardless of its financial remuneration. Understanding that domestic chores are not secondary but rather integral to the well-being of individuals and families is essential.

Building a culture that values and respects the invisible labor of all individuals, regardless of their gender or marginalized status, is paramount. This requires collective efforts, including education, awareness campaigns, and open conversations, to dismantle ingrained biases and challenge societal norms.


The story of Lindsay Donnelly highlights the realities faced by many women who carry the burden of invisible labor.

By sharing her experience, she ignited a much-needed conversation about the undervaluation of domestic duties and the urgent need for recognition and respect.

As we strive for a more equitable and inclusive society, it is imperative to recognize the importance of all forms of labor, both visible and invisible. By valuing and redistributing household responsibilities, we can create a more balanced environment that supports the well-being and empowerment of all individuals.

Remember, change begins with awareness, understanding, and action. Let us acknowledge the invisible labor that keeps our homes and families thriving, and work towards a future where everyone’s contributions are valued and respected.