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Former Trump DHS official: Prepare for Jan. 6 scenario if former president loses in court

By Lee Cleveland - June 16, 2023

In recent discussions on MSNBC, Miles Taylor, the former chief of staff for the Department of Homeland Security in the Trump administration, raised concerns about the potential for another Jan. 6-style attack if former President Donald Trump loses his court cases.

Taylor’s insights shed light on the prevailing trend of political intimidation and violence in the country, emphasizing the need for preparedness and vigilance within law enforcement agencies.

The Risk of Political Violence

Nicolle Wallace initiated the conversation, expressing relief that there were no significant incidents of political violence during Trump’s recent arraignment in Miami. However, she posed a critical question: “Is political violence solely dependent on the grievances articulated by Trump and his political allies?” Miles Taylor’s response shed light on the broader dynamics at play.

Taylor drew attention to the alarming trend lines that indicate an increase in political intimidation and violence within the United States. He cautioned against assuming peace and civility, citing the fact that Trump has yet to face the consequences of his actions fully.

In Taylor’s analogy, Trump has lit the fuse, but the bomb has not yet exploded.

Understanding the Extremist Movement

Drawing from his firsthand experience, Taylor emphasized that his prediction of the Jan. 6 violence was not based on clairvoyance but rather his knowledge of Trump and the extremist movement he had fostered. This insight underscores the importance of recognizing the potential dangers that lie ahead.

The Looming Question

The crucial question remains: What will happen if Trump loses his court cases or his bid for the presidency? According to Taylor, the absence of violence thus far can be attributed to the fact that Trump and his supporters still believe they have a chance to win. However, the moment Trump faces defeat, he may turn to his violent supporters as a last resort.

Given this potential scenario, Taylor emphasized the need for law enforcement agencies, particularly the Department of Homeland Security, to be prepared. He called for proactive measures to prevent another Jan. 6-level event, as Trump’s loss in any form could trigger his call to violence.

The time to prepare is now.

The Imperative of Preparedness

Miles Taylor’s warning serves as a stark reminder of the need for unwavering preparedness within law enforcement agencies. As history has shown, complacency can have disastrous consequences. By heeding Taylor’s call to action, law enforcement can mitigate the risks associated with potential violence and ensure the safety and well-being of the nation.

It is incumbent upon every law enforcement officer, from federal agents to local police departments, to embrace the gravity of the situation and take proactive measures. The focus should be on prevention, intelligence gathering, and community engagement. By fostering a culture of readiness and collaboration, we can fortify our collective defenses against any potential threats that may arise.


The warnings issued by former DHS official Miles Taylor should not be taken lightly. The potential for another Jan. 6-level event, should former President Trump face defeat in court, demands that law enforcement agencies remain vigilant and proactive. It is crucial to recognize the signs, prepare for contingencies, and work collectively to safeguard our democracy and protect the public.

Let us not underestimate the power of preparation and the importance of working together to uphold the values of democracy, peace, and security. The time for action is now.



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