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Ditching the Trump name? Is she “Ivanka Kushner” now?

By Lee Cleveland - June 5, 2023

Are you surprised?

Ivanka Trump has made a significant decision to distance herself from the tarnished Trump name and adopt the Kushner surname, becoming Ivanka Kushner.

It has been a challenging period for her, considering her close association with her father, Donald Trump, during his administration. However, in light of his legal troubles and the aftermath, Ivanka has actively sought to disassociate herself. She deliberately avoids engaging in political discussions and events that are politically motivated within the family.

Instead, Ivanka has focused more on her young family, dedicating herself to them. Numerous photos of her with her children and snapshots from family vacations have been circulating. While enjoying the tranquility of her private life, there is undoubtedly a calculated motive behind her efforts to distance herself from her toxic father and other family members.

In a recent article titled “Call Her Ivanka Kushner” by Insider, legal analyst Andrew Lieb shares insights into Ivanka’s rebranding endeavors. Lieb suggests that Ivanka identifies more as a Kushner and is not fully immersed in the Trump sphere.

He highlights that Jared Kushner, her husband, has his own separate world and orbit, acknowledging the controversies surrounding his father. However, the Kushner brand is perceived as more stable and less visible, providing Ivanka with a different realm centered around her children and immediate family.

Lieb believes that this strategic change allows Ivanka to separate herself effectively from the Trump family. While the Kushner family has faced their fair share of controversies, they are relatively smaller in scale and offer an opportunity for Ivanka to reshape her public image in a more subtle manner.

Currently, Ivanka’s actions may not draw much attention since her father remains a viable presidential candidate. However, Lieb suggests that once he is no longer a contender, people will start paying more attention to Ivanka and be more open-minded about her. He explains that the fear and animosity associated with her father among a portion of the population currently overshadow any positive actions she takes.

Previously, Ivanka was deeply involved in her father’s presidential campaign, which led to significant consequences for her personal brand. She lost brand deals, and friends, and faced a decline in her status as a socialite. Embracing her new identity as a caring Kushner allows her to further distance herself from her controversial family and move forward.

Ivanka and Jared first met in 2005 through mutual friends and began dating. Although they briefly broke up, they eventually reconciled and got married in late 2009. The couple has three children: Arabella Rose, Joseph Frederick, and Theodore James.

Perhaps Ivanka has learned valuable lessons from her relationship with her father. There was a moment when he turned against her after she expressed support for former Attorney General Bill Barr’s assertion that he found no evidence of election interference during the 2020 election.

As the saying goes, Ivanka may have realized that lying down with dogs can result in getting fleas.


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