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DeSantis’s hateful anti-LGBTQ attack ad still ANNIHILATES Trump (Video)

By Lee Cleveland - July 2, 2023

While I despise the anti-LGBTQ theme, I love the attack on former President Donald Trump.

In the midst of the Republican Presidential race, Governor Ron DeSantis has released an anti-LGBTQ attack ad that has sparked intense reactions on social media. The ad specifically targets Donald Trump’s past support for the LGBTQ community, which remained relatively consistent throughout his presidency.

The nature of the video has left many observers on Twitter bewildered and questioning its bizarre and otherworldly content. The underlying premise of the ad focuses on Trump’s previous stance on LGBTQ rights, which, although relatively supportive, was not a primary issue for the far right during his presidency.

However, in the current political climate, LGBTQ rights have become a central topic, particularly in the campaign of Ron DeSantis, who seems to be centering his platform on a war against diversity, equity, and inclusion.

DeSantis’s vocal opposition to Critical Race Theory (CRT) has gained attention, despite the fact that he struggles to provide a clear definition of the concept. It seems evident that DeSantis views the promotion of his harsher approach towards the LGBTQ community, Black Americans, Latinos, immigrants, and other marginalized groups as a way to differentiate himself in the race and appeal to a specific segment of voters who share his views on equality.

The attack ad released by DeSantis’s campaign has been described as deranged and bizarre, incorporating clips from movies such as “American Psycho” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The ad concludes with a scene featuring DeSantis in a swamp with alligators, his eyes portrayed with a slit effect. This peculiar video release coincided with the end of Pride Month, adding to the controversy surrounding its content.

The ad has faced criticism from the Log Cabin Republicans, an LGBTQ group within the Republican Party. They issued a statement expressing their disapproval of DeSantis’s inability to distinguish between reasonable LGBTQ individuals and the more radical factions. They described his policy positions as naive, dangerous, and politically unwise.

The response on Twitter has been overwhelming, with many expressing their concerns and calling for the removal of the ad. If reports are accurate and DeSantis used material in which Trump discussed the hatred behind the Pulse mass shooting, it further exacerbates the deplorable nature of the political ad.

While there have been calls for Twitter to take action and remove the ad, it remains uncertain whether they will respond given the complexities surrounding content moderation.

The ad is below,