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Corroboration: More women speak out about Trump’s alleged sexual predation during presidency

By Lee Cleveland - May 14, 2023

New revelations are emerging about former President Donald Trump’s alleged sexual misconduct during his time in the White House. Several women have come forward to share their experiences, shedding light on a pattern of behavior that was seemingly tolerated and allowed to continue.

Trump’s Alleged Predatory Behavior
According to multiple witnesses, Trump’s sexual predation was an “open secret” within his administration. Stephanie Grisham, who previously worked as a staffer, has spoken out about running interference for a young employee who faced Trump’s crude and sexual advances. Grisham’s account is not the only one; other women have now joined her in sharing their stories.

Reporting the Incidents
Alyssa Farah Griffin, Trump’s former director of strategic communications, has revealed that she reported Trump’s abusive and predatory behavior to Mark Meadows, his Chief of Staff at the time. Griffin states that Meadows appeared to be aware of the issue and assured her that he would handle it. However, it is unclear whether any action was taken to address the reported misconduct.

A Pattern of Behavior
Former VP Mike Pence’s former staffer, Olivia Troye, has also come forward to corroborate the allegations.

She witnessed Trump engaging in sexual harassment openly, even during official meetings. Troye affirms Griffin’s account regarding a particular young staffer whom Trump became fixated on and objectified.

Trump’s Denial and the Women’s Motivation
In his deposition related to a rape case, Trump denied ever sexually assaulting anyone and suggested that those who accused him were lying for personal gain. As for the recent disclosures by the women speaking out against his behavior, their motivations are unclear, and it is evident that they have little to gain from making these allegations.

The growing number of women sharing their stories about Donald Trump’s alleged sexual predation during his presidency raises serious concerns. These accounts suggest a disturbing pattern of behavior that was reportedly known by his Chiefs of Staff. It is essential to listen to and investigate these allegations seriously to ensure accountability and prevent the tolerance of such misconduct in the future.


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