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Cops abuse innocent Walmart shopper after FALSELY accusing him of stealing pizza (Video)

By Lee Cleveland - June 14, 2023


In recent news, a Walmart shopper in Kansas City, Kansas found himself in a distressing situation when he was confronted by a police officer shortly after purchasing a pizza for his family.

This incident has sparked outrage and garnered significant attention on social media platforms like TikTok.

The Incident

Dayton Borisouth, a 24-year-old individual, recounted his experience with the officer who stopped him as he was leaving the Walmart store.

Borisouth claims that the officer approached him and demanded to see his receipt. Although Borisouth confirmed having the receipt, he expressed his disagreement with being detained by the officer.

This disagreement escalated, leading to a physical altercation between Borisouth and the officer, resulting in Borisouth’s detention and subsequent charges of hindering an investigation.


The Video and Social Media Response

The incident gained significant attention after a video capturing the altercation was posted on TikTok. The video quickly spread across various social media platforms, drawing widespread condemnation and sparking discussions about police conduct and racial profiling. People expressed their concerns and demanded justice for Borisouth, igniting a larger conversation about the treatment of individuals by law enforcement officers.

Response from the Kansas City Police Department

Following the incident, the Kansas City Police Department conducted an internal investigation into the matter.

The department acknowledged that the officers involved had acted inappropriately and deviated from approved and trained techniques.

The department expressed its determination that the officer should have disengaged when Borisouth refused to present his receipt. Consequently, both officers have been disciplined, and additional training will be provided to ensure future compliance with department policies.

Repercussions and Legal Outcome

After being detained for approximately an hour, Borisouth was initially charged with hindering an investigation. However, the charge was later dismissed, highlighting the absence of substantial evidence to support the accusation. The incident, nonetheless, left a lasting impact on Borisouth and his perception of law enforcement.

Addressing Concerns and Ensuring Accountability

Incidents like this underscore the need for police departments to uphold standards of professionalism and accountability. It is crucial for law enforcement agencies to continually evaluate and improve their training protocols to prevent misconduct and ensure the fair treatment of individuals. Moreover, open dialogues and community engagement initiatives can play a significant role in bridging the gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve.


This is a another video someone got of my husband being treated unlawfully by the Kansas City Kansas Police!! I want justice to be served! They are suppose to protect us but instead they threaten him and say they are going to break his nose!! This isnt right!! I want everyone on Tiktok to share this video and the other video i have to prove that this is how police treat us! No one should get tackled and put in a headlock because of a receipt!! INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY!! ALSO THEY DID NOT SAY THEIR MIRANDA RIGHTS TO HIM AT ALL!! #innocentuntilprovenguilty #unfairtreatment #policebrutalitymuststop #walmartvideo #justicemustbeserved #kansascity #kansascitypolice

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The incident involving Dayton Borisouth at a Walmart store in Kansas City, Kansas, serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by individuals when encounters with law enforcement escalate unnecessarily. It highlights the importance of promoting accountability and transparency within police departments, fostering trust and understanding between officers and the communities they protect.

As we strive for a more equitable society, it is essential to address incidents of this nature and work towards implementing systemic changes that prioritize fair treatment and justice for all. By raising awareness and engaging in constructive dialogue, we can collectively contribute to a society where such incidents become rare, and every individual feels safe and respected.


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