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Can Biden choose Obama as his VP running mate in 2024: The answer is…

By Lee Cleveland - July 26, 2023

As the political landscape takes shape for the upcoming 2024 presidential elections, intriguing discussions and speculations emerge regarding potential running mates for President Joe Biden.

While President Biden maintains a competitive position in polls against the field of Republican candidates, some strategists and analysts wonder if a new running mate could enhance his chances of winning reelection. One proposition gaining attention is the possibility of former President Barack Obama joining forces with President Biden once again.

Addressing Concerns and Boosting Appeal

Philip Lacovara, a distinguished legal expert and former Deputy Solicitor General of the U.S., recently proposed the idea of President Biden replacing Vice President Kamala Harris with former President Obama as a strategic move to re-engage voters and strengthen his bid for a second term.

Lacovara argues that Obama’s inclusion on the ticket could address two critical issues facing President Biden: concerns about his age and vitality, and the perceived unpopularity of Vice President Harris. He suggests that by selecting former President Obama as his running mate, President Biden could dispel concerns about his age, as Obama is widely seen as a charismatic and energetic figure who could provide reassurance about the continuity and effectiveness of the administration.

Second, Lacovara argues that President Biden needs a running mate who can galvanize his existing supporters and attract independent voters to ensure the highest chance of success. Unfortunately, he believes that Vice President Harris has not effectively convinced the nation that she is ready to assume the highest office, making her a questionable choice for a second term.

However, although the U.S. Constitution does not explicitly say a former president can’t serve as vice president, Obama cannot be Biden’s vice president because the former has already served the maximum of two full, four-year terms thus making him ineligible for the presidency.

And in order to be vice president, one must be legally eligible for the presidency.

In the ever-evolving world of politics, hypothetical scenarios and speculations often spark intriguing discussions and debates.

While the notion of President Biden selecting Barack Obama as his running mate in 2024 might be tossed around by pundits, it’s a constitutional improbability.


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