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Biden: ‘No possibility’ Russia wins war against Ukraine (video short)

By Lee Cleveland - July 13, 2023

President Joe Biden’s recent European trip culminated in a significant summit with the leaders of Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland.

This gathering held profound symbolism both at home and abroad, offering insights into President Biden’s vision of America’s role in the world. The summit, which took place at the same venue where former President Donald Trump met with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin five years ago, emphasized the cooperation between the Nordic leaders and the United States.

A Shift in Tone: Biden’s Message of Unity and Cooperation
In stark contrast to his predecessor, President Biden, while speaking in Helsinki today, conveyed a message of unity and cooperation among the NATO alliance during the summit. In a news conference, he emphasized the importance of addressing critical challenges together and working towards a stronger and more secure world. Biden’s remarks reflected the commitment of Finland, the United States, and their allies and partners to step up and stay dedicated to the collective goal of creating a better future.

Assessing the Impact: Putin’s Loss and Prospects for Negotiation
During the summit, President Biden boldly stated that Putin has already lost the war in Ukraine. Recognizing the strength of the alliance and its unwavering support for Ukraine, Biden expressed confidence in Russia’s eventual defeat. He contemplated the next steps for Putin, asserting that the course of action ultimately depends on Russia’s leader.

Biden acknowledged that while the future cannot be guaranteed, Ukraine’s offensive progress, coupled with Russia’s limitations in terms of resources and capacity, will likely lead to a negotiated settlement.

Emphasizing the importance of a diplomatic resolution, he added, “Putin’s already lost the war.”

“There is no possibility of him winning the war in Ukraine.”

Tough words from a very tough man!

The video (3m 24sec) is below.


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