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Understanding the shift: Decline in teen sex during the pandemic

By Lee Cleveland - July 13, 2023

How a woman showed her husband what ‘doing nothing’ truly means

By Lee Cleveland - June 23, 2023

Sex on the first date, OK or unfavorable? What the polls say

By Leroy Cleveland - June 7, 2023

Too Horny and Explicit? “AI Girlfriend” Chatbot Going Rogue

By Lee Cleveland - June 7, 2023

Using AI Chatbots to get real dates?

By Lee Cleveland - May 19, 2023

Corroboration: More women speak out about Trump’s alleged sexual predation during presidency

By Lee Cleveland - May 14, 2023

Is snoozing with your partner hurting your marriage?

By Lee Cleveland - May 3, 2023

Some people will fall in love (romantically) with AIs, former Google CEO warns

By Lee Cleveland - April 9, 2023

A stiff challenge to Viagra? SPONTAN nasal spray-to-play works in 5 minutes

By Lee Cleveland - March 29, 2023

What percentage of Americans identify as LGBTQ+?

By Lee Cleveland - February 23, 2023

Online dating: Making marriage more difficult?

By Lee Cleveland - January 6, 2023

10 Things I Seriously Wish I Knew Before I Got Married At Age 20

By Lee Cleveland - December 26, 2022

Interracial marriage approval: Poll says a lot about us, but are there caveats?

By Leroy Cleveland - May 10, 2022

Online dating: Making marriage more difficult?

By Leroy Cleveland - October 1, 2021

Dating trends: She’s not flirting, she’s being nice: No, it should NOT be easy for men to tell

By Leroy Cleveland - May 4, 2021