Mike Pence absolutely SAVED U.S. from coup d’etat insists MD congressman

By Leroy Cleveland - April 23, 2022

noun: coup d’état
A sudden, violent, or illegal seizure of power from a government.

Following the public release of the explosive audio tapes of then-Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy during and after the January 6 melee, Maryland Congressman Jaime Raskin told MSNBC viewers just how close to a coup d’etat we came.

“Minority Leader McCarthy’s words that were captured on that tape in a discussion with the Republican conference just reinforce everything we’re finding which is this was an orchestrated, premeditated assault on our system of government, Rep Raskin to MSNBC.

“And we have a very riveting story to tell America about how this came about, what were the causes behind it, and what we need to do to fortify our institutions in the future against coups and insurrections.”

Maryland Congressman Jaime Raskin, right, on MSNBC

“We came very close to losing it all that day. Had Mike Pence succumbed to the extraordinary pressure and coercion campaign being brought down upon him by Donald Trump… [he] would have returned to sender dozens of electoral college votes lowering Joe Biden’s vote total from 306 to below 270… if he had followed Trump’s orders and rejected Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona’s electors.”

“At that point, it would have shifted the whole election to the House of Representatives where they understood we would have been voting not by one member/one vote but by one state/one vote. The GOP controlled 27 states, the Democrats 22. Pennsylvania’s split down the middle nine to nine…”

“They [House Republicans] would have declared Donald Trump president for another four years.”

“It was really only Mike Pence refusing to play ball with the president he had served in such an obsequious way for four years and the valor of the officers who stood in between the Members of Congress and the mob and the insurrectionists that saved us that day.”

“And that’s as close to fascism as I ever wanna see America come.”

“It’s very simple,” Trump Jr. texted to Mark Meadows, the then-president’s chief of staff, on November 5. “We have multiple paths We control them all… We have operational control. Total leverage.”

Can you imagine the level of outrage and chaos that would have ensued had the House decided the presidency simply because some in power blatantly chose to reject the will of the people?

January 6th was 15 months ago and there’s STILL no evidence of voter fraud sans a few Republicans who were caught voting in more than one state.

And due to all of Trump’s hysteria about impending fraud prior to the election, rest assured the elections in 2020 were probably the most secure in history.

And Rep. Raskin couldn’t have been more spot-on. Regardless of what you think of Pence politically, he upheld his Oath of Office as vice-president, abided by the rules, and did the right thing.

Pence has served in the U.S. House of Representatives and was previously a U.S. governor, but his actions in January 2021 as his country’s vice president may forever cement his legacy.

If American democracy survives another 50 years, Mike Pence will certainly be a revered figure in the annals of American history – And Donald Trump will certainly be one of the more disgraced.

… IF American democracy survives.


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