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Cop pulls gun on passenger for no reason (Video)

By Lee Cleveland - May 20, 2023

Totally unnecessary. A routine traffic stop is escalated by a cop for no apparent reason.

During a traffic stop, an unarmed Black man in the passenger seat with his hands up had a gun pointed at him with no explanation from the cop.

Maybe the stop occurred in a high-crime area and the cop wanted to take extra precautions. If so, his behavior was still egregious, irresponsible, and dangerous.

Surely, no one would have blamed him for having his hand on his holster; But that’s a lot different than pointing a loaded gun at an innocent, unarmed civilian.

And keep in mind that no crime had been committed, there was seemingly no warrant for the passenger’s arrest and he was complying with the officer and keeping his hands where the cop could see them.

The vast majority of cops are well-intended people who simply want to keep us safe – However, there are a few who seem far too eager to unleash their little power trip.


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