Chesapeake mass shooting: What we know

By Lee Cleveland - November 23, 2022

Police in Chesapeake, Virginia responded to a mass shooting at a Walmart. Multiple fatalities and injuries have been confirmed.

Here’s what we know as of 1:17 AM ET:

  • The shooting occurred slightly after 10 PM ET at a super-sized WalMart in a busy shopping area

  • The store was open at the time of the shooting

  • It’s still unclear just how many people were killed or injured in the shooting, but police say there were multiple of both found inside the building, where the shooting occurred.

  • It’s believed one of the victims, a 21-year-old woman, bled out from her neck and died.

  • One person was deceased outside the front entrance.

  • At least 5 people were rushed to a nearby hospital

  • Employees knew the shooter well; Two presumed employees said it was a WalMart manager and described the shooter as a Black male. There are rumors he might have been recently fired. If he had been fired, it must have just happened because the presumed aforementioned employees referred to him as their manager, not ex-manager.

  • Apparently, the shooter (as a manager) previously complained a lot and didn’t have a good relationship with the employees

  • It’s believed he initially targeted employees in an employee break room and then walked to another part of the store to shoot customers.

  • The shooter said nothing during the ordeal and presumably tried to shoot as many people as possible

  • The shooter is dead. Based on scant reports, he took his own life but we can’t confirm that

  • Shots were fired rapidly

  • Screams erupted moments after the first shots were fired as customers ran out of the store

  • Police responded to the scene very quickly. A bystander told the news they were there within a minute or two.