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Political commercials 2022: JD Vance’s ‘Are you a racist?’ ad debunked

By Leroy Cleveland - June 5, 2022

JD Vance, Ohio’s Trump-backed U.S. Senator-elect, had some creative political consultants.

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Vance, of course, recently defeated former Democratic Rep. Tim Ryan for the seat vacated by GOP Sen. Rob Portman.

While running in the primary, Vance and his team aired a colorful (pun not intended), misleading political commercial.

“Are you a racist?” Vance opens.

“Do you hate Mexicans?”

“The media calls us racist for wanting to build Trump’s wall…”

“Joe Biden’s open border is killing Ohioans.”

Not quite, Mr. Vance.

Fact: There is no ‘open border policy.’ In fact, President Biden continued with Trump’s policy of banning asylum seekers from entering the country, citing the risk posed by COVID. (Why Biden’s immigration policy looks a lot like Trump’s)

Title 42 expulsions are removals by the U.S. government of persons who have recently been in a country where a communicable disease was present. The extent of authority for contagion-related expulsions is set out by law in 42 U.S.C. § 265. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Trump administration used this provision (section 265) to generally block land entry for many migrants. The program has been continued by the Biden administration. (Source Wikipedia)

Fact: Title 42 illegal immigrant expulsions under Biden far exceed those under Trump. (Biden took office on January 20, 2021)

Title 42 expulsions by month and department are as follows:

MonthU.S. Border PatrolOffice of Field OperationsTotal
March 20207,094767,170
April 202015,01852615,544
May 202020,08487520,959
June 202028,5341,42329,957
July 202035,4441,69437,138
August 202042,8082,27245,080
September 202048,8392,54651,385
October 2020 (FY 2021 start)63,0062,77765,783
November 202061,3262,45463,780
December 202060,5352,49863,033
January 202162,3832,23064,613
February 2021
(First full month with President Biden in office)
March 2021101,9312,343104,274
April 2021109,9932,029112,022
May 2021110,7172,241112,958
June 2021103,1102,358105,468
July 202193,8302,72796,557
August 202193,1172,29095,407
September 2021100,5582,115102,673
October 2021 (FY 2022 start)92,6322,71095,342
November 202187,8433,07390,526
December 202179,2203,49182,711
January 202276,3123,33579,647
Source: Wikipedia

Vance added, “… With more illegal drugs and Democrat voters entering this country.”

Fact: Non-citizens, including those who are permanent legal residents, cannot vote in federal, state, and most local elections (USA.gov)

Vance continued the fear-mongering – “I nearly lost my mother to the poison coming across our border.”

“No child should become an orphan.”

What a creative link… Mexican and Central American immigrants nearly made Vance an orphan?

Apparently, his mother had a heroin addiction, a very serious illness. And we sympathize with anyone who falls prey to the evil clutches of drugs. However, did Mexican illegals hold her down to administer the chemical or did she take it by choice?

And in reference to Vance’s comment that our border policy is ‘killing Ohioans’, is that because Ohio is so close to the Mexican border?

Mr. Vance’s political ad is so wrong in so many ways.

Why didn’t he run on real issues and the facts, and accurately cite his ideological differences with Democrats instead using unprovoked fear and hate?


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